M.A Economics Course Structure

The following courses of study are prescribed for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester of the Masters Degree Programme in Economics

First Semester

S.No. Title of the Paper Course Code
1 Microeconomics (Foundation Course) ECO101
2 Macroeconomics (Foundation Course) ECO102
3 Mathematical Methods in Economics (Core Course) ECO103
4 Development Economics (Core Course) ECO104

Second Semester

S.No. Title of the Paper Course Code
1 Advanced Microeconomics (Core Course) ECO201
2 Advanced Macroeconomics : (Core Course) ECO202
3 Statistical Methods : (Core Course) ECO203
4 Indian Economic Policy : (Core Course) ECO204

Third Semester

S.No. Title of the Paper Course Code
1 International Economics (Compulsory Course) ECO301
2 Theory of Economic Growth (Compulsory Course) ECO302
3 Economics of Infrastructure (Compulsory Course) ECO311
Stream A (One course to be opted)
4 Demography ECO303
5 Industrial Economics ECO304
6 Transport Economics ECO305
7 Econometrics – I ECO306
Stream B (One course to be opted)
8 Environmental Economics ECO307
9 Financial Economics ECO308
10 Agricultural Economics ECO309
11 Mathematical Economics ECO310

Fourth Semester

S.No. Title of the Paper Course Code
Elective Course (Stream A) (One course to be opted)
1 International Political Economy ECO401
2 Demography and Climate Change ECO402
3 Urban Economics ECO403
Elective Course (Stream B) (One course to be opted)
4 Public Economics ECO404
5 Economics of Capital Market ECO405
6 Economics of Innovation ECO406
7 Health Economics and Policy ECO407
Elective Course (Stream C) (One course to be opted)
8 Energy Economics ECO408
9 Indian Industry ECO409
10 Asian Economic Development ECO410
11 Econometrics – II ECO411
12 Urban and Regional Economics ECO412
Elective Course (Stream D) (One course to be opted)
13 Natural Resource Economics ECO413
14 Labour Economics ECO414
15 Indian Agriculture ECO415
16 Economics of Gender ECO416
17 Theory of Games and Information ECO417
18 Economics of Planning ECO418