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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Prof. Hardeep Chahal, Rector Udhampur Campus, University of Jammu today organized an extension lecture on Economic growth and Development for the students of MA Economics . Dr. Dipankar Sengupta, Professor, Department of Economics and Dean Students placement, University of Jammu was invited to deliver the extension lecture for making addition to the existing knowledge of the students. During the first session, Dr. Sengupta clearly explained the basic concepts of economic growth and development. He laid stress on Human Development Index and importance of new method of calculating H.D.I. Prof. Sengupta further explained stylized facts of economic growth and models of economic growth like Solow’s neoclassical model of growth. In the next session, theories of international economics were elucidated to clarify the doubts of students. Later on, detailed discussion on deterioration in terms of trade was held. It was a brainstorming session and students felt enlightened. He cleared the doubts of the students with appropriate examples. The sessions were very interactive and it was great opportunity for the students to interact with such an intellectual personality. Faculty members of both the departments including Ms. Taruna Dubey, Ms. Jhanvi Khanna, Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma, Dr. Shilpa Gupta, Dr. Neetu Kumari, Mrs. Mamta Sharma, Dr. Kamani Dutta, Ms. Ritika Sambyal and Mr. Mukesh Kumar were also present on the occasion.