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Thursday, April 25, 2019


Prof. Hardeep Chahal, Rector Udhampur Campus, University of Jammu today organised an extension lecture on career counselling for the students of MA Economics and M.Com. Prof. B.C. Sharma, Department of Management & Dean Training and Placements, MIET was invited to deliver the extension lecture on career opportunities. During the session, Prof. Sharma clearly explained the requirements of corporate as well as public sector for the recruitment of candidates against the post advertised by stressing upon the principle of maximising the satisfaction. He explained about the highly specialised jobs which require high level skills and clarified by quoting motivational stories of successful persons in their respective fields. He also laid emphasis on the importance of artificial intelligence in decision making by using technology. In the era of digitalisation, resources doesn’t play any type of hurdle for a person who want to achieve their goal. Prof. Sharma further discussed about the concept of supply chain management and need to focus on providing better service to customers rather focus only on delivery of products/services. Further, he guided the students on the role of body language while communicating with others. In today’s highly competitive world both knowledge as well as interview skills play a significant role in creating a long lasting impression on interviewer for getting recruited. He advised students that for becoming successful person everyone should utilise their time effectively, make a habit of reading good books, apply their knowledge practically, respecting elders, prioritize their work every time, selecting their role models for taking similar steps to achieve success. He cleared the doubts of the students with appropriate examples. The session was very interactive and it was great opportunity for the students to interact with such an intellectual personality. Faculty members of both the departments including Ms. Taruna Dubey, Dr. Neetu Kumari, Ms. Jhanvi Khanna, Dr. Shilpa Gupta, Mrs. Mamta Sharma, Dr. Kamani Dutta and Ms. Ritika Sambyal were also present on the occasion.